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A Message from our Founder, Steve Scimone


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“I built this company on the backs of bad service. Hold on, I’ll explain. My beginning in this business started in 2003, my freshman year of undergrad, when I plucked a job posting ad for an Insurance Inspector off the student union bulletin board. No more than one year later I had assembled a 5-person team that serviced 11 Inspection Companies across 24 counties in New York State. It was Immediately clear to me that The Customer Experience is the key to professional growth, and consequently, success. As an Insurance Inspector, you have a unique perspective of The Customer Experience as both the companies you represent as well as the policyholders you interact with are, effectively, your customer. While performing our duties, I noticed It wasn’t my team’s attention to detail that mattered so much, as it was how much we cared during the thousands of the interactions we had with people on a monthly basis. Some companies we serviced, large or small, knew how important The Customer Experience was and it was clear based on how we were treated by our Field Managers and by their positive attitude towards the policyholder. Surprisingly though, an equal number of companies did not know, or did not care to invest in The Customer Experience. The poor way we were treated, and the poor perception of their customer’s policyholders was indicative of that. It was those unhealthy company cultures and the damaging level of service by those companies where I learned the most valuable lessons of how to be a shocking competitor in this business. Whether you’re a C-Suite ranking executive, an Independent Agent, a Field Inspector, or anyone, price and quality might get you a foot in the door. Service earns you a seat at the table. Venture Underwriting holds The Customer Experience and Customer Service higher than just an extension number on our phones. We make it an attribute that has transcended across our company culture. My mission to my customer is to leverage technology, relationships, and an appreciation for all of those we work with and those we meet for the purpose of creating long lasting partnerships built on trust, accountability, and results.” – Stephen Scimone, CEO.


At the time of incorporation in 2009, and through strategic partnerships, Venture Underwriting grew from a humble team of five members to several hundred members in just a few years. Presently Venture Underwriting services countless underwriting departments across the US. Venture makes underwriting easier and makes underwriting more efficient. Underwriters are quickly regaining control of their Personal Lines, High Value Lines, Commercial Lines, and Specialty Lines books of business with Venture Underwriting!
In just a few months Venture Underwriting will streamline your inspection process and save you money while doing so, Guaranteed.

Venture Underwriting offers a full suite of Insurance Inspection services for the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry. Venture quickly delivers high quality, accurate inspection reports at exceptional value. Their staff has expert knowledge in Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, High Value, and Specialty Lines underwriting. Venture has full integration with hosting sites, they’re integrated with every RC tool currently used by P&C Insurance Carriers, and they’re able to even integrate a variety of 3rd party data that’s been purchased by its customers.


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“Venture Underwriting has set the standard for what we now expect from our loss control vendors.”

Policyholder Professionalism


At Venture Underwriting, Professionalism is defined as the combination of our beliefs, our attitudes, and our behaviors. These three elements build good character within our ranks and makes Venture Underwriting reliable partners to its customers. More so than ever is this mindset important during any of our policyholder interactions. Aligning our core values in accordance with our customer’s professional vision, positions Venture Underwriting to always bring the respect, care, and kindness that their policyholder deserves. Venture Underwriting’s strict dress code, branded field materials, business cards and photo identification lend to the professionalism every single one of our customers policyholder’s experiences.



Venture Underwriting operates in a fast-paced environment while simultaneously never losing sight of the patience needed to produce quality results. The quality of Venture’s results is in exact proportion to the company’s commitment to excellence. Venture Underwriting’s deliberate intention to delight its customer’s policyholders, Venture’s sincere efforts in successfully managing several thousand units every single day, and leadership’s thoughtful and skillful execution in conservative growth lends to the quality in every inspection report. Day in and day out, Venture Underwriting’s eagerness to effectively communicate status updates with its customer and with its staff is what ultimately makes Venture Underwriting the wise choice among many alternatives.

Best-In-Class Technology


Venture Underwriting utilizes Utilant’s best-in-class Policy Management system Loss Control 360. With Loss Control 360, Venture Underwriting is able to offer its customer the latest technology. Tools like Guide Stream 360, Artificial Intelligence Applications, Self-Survey, Virtual Underwriting, Mobile Inspection Platforms, and a variety of other solutions via InsureTech creates an environment where clients build their own “Cascade” Approach to Inspections. Venture Underwriting’s robust line of underwriter tools supports its role as a Personal Lines, High Net Worth, Commercial Lines, and Specialty Lines Inspection Firm. Venture Underwriting also offers several means of automating its client’s inspection work-flow processes via establishing a generic importer/export program all the way to direct API integrations. Venture Underwriting connects their partner with your IT department in a seamless interaction to create the best possible link between Venture and its customer to create the smoothest automated process, at no charge.


The One-Stop Custom Shop


Ventures customer’s will often request Venture duplicate their current or prior inspection vendors reports for the purpose of streamlining customer’s underwriting process. Two vendors, three vendors or even ten vendors, Venture uses its Forms Builder to create custom report or duplicate the report you need on the fly. Venture’s reports can be generated in XML, MS Word, PDF, JSON, CSV or any other format their customers need. Reports even include the customer’s own branded agent letters for policyholder recommendations. This feature saves time and unnecessary admin work for its customers. Venture Underwriting regularly engages with Coverage In amounts in the seven to eight figure range and any custom form can be integrated with CoreLogic, 360 Value, or E2Value Replacement Cost Estimator