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2020’s Time Service Results!

Virtual Inspections = 10 Hours!
Policyholder Self Surveys = 5 Days!
GuideStream = 6 Days!
Personal Lines Exterior Field Inspections = 8 Days!
Personal Lines interior/Exterior Inspections = 16 Days
Commercial Inspections = 14 Days!

Let Venture Underwriting help your company increase underwriting efficiency and minimize inspection expenses.
Step 1 – Click the Get Started Button, enter your contact information, and add your message
Step 2 – Receive 50 Virtual Inspections for $1 OR Receive 25 Field Inspections for $1
Step 3 – Loss Control is not one-size-fits-all. After our expert team learns about what makes your underwriting and books of business unique to other carriers, we will work with you to create a custom cost-effective approach to Insurance Inspections.

Personal Lines Solutions


Main Street Residential Surveys Dwelling Fire Policy Surveys
Seasonal Property Surveys Student Housing Surveys
Mobile & Manufactured Homes Surveys High Net Worth Policyholder Surveys
Landlord Property Surveys High Value Property Surveys
Custom Homes Surveys Remote Island Property Surveys
Caretaker Managed Properties Surveys Multi Structure Estates Surveys
Condominium Surveys Homeowner Association Surveys
Gates Community Surveys Airbnb Surveys



Commercial Lines Solutions

Mixed Mercantile Surveys Restaurant Surveys
Industrial Risks Surveys Professional Lines Surveys
Church Surveys Private School Surveys
Not-For-Profits Business Surveys Late Night Entertainment Surveys
Law Practice Surveys Accounting Firm Surveys
Office Park Surveys Laboratory & Chemical Office Surveys
One-Off Surveys Banquet & Catering Facility Surveys



Wood Burning Stove Pellet Burning Stove
Alternative Solid Fuel Burning Stove Exterior Wood Burning Furnaces
Canine Supplement Commercial Cooking
Day Care Repair Garage
Liquor Liability Underground Oil Tank
Spray Booth Sprinkler System


Custom Built Specialty Lines Inspection Programs
Quick Turnaround | Superior Quality |Pinpoint Accuracy


Venture Underwriting is a nimble company at the forefront of available insuretech solutions for its customer’s.

Virtual Inspection Reports Policyholder Self-Survey
Artificial Intelligence Photo Identification Agent Self-Survey
Guide Stream 360  

Venture Underwriting’s InsurTech solutions offer its customers the flexibility to

Leverage Big Data for Big Results

Venture Underwriting is equipped to integrate with its customer’s hosting sites and 3rd party data that is purchased by the carrier customers. When it comes to 3rd party data integrations, think of Venture Underwriting like a funnel. At any given moment, for any single address in the country, Venture Underwriting can pull pertinent underwriting data from some of the following entities

MLS Every Water Municipality
The Fire Station Database Every Sewer Municipality
Quantarium Every State Municipality
Every County Municipality Every City Municipality

These entities funnel the following crucial underwriting data through Venture Underwriting’s report, for their customers…

Wildfire Risk Parameters Fire Protection and AAIS Protection Class
Hydrant Water Availability Fire Station Data
Sinkhole Parameters & Susceptibility Tornado, Hurricane, & Convection Storm Data
Wind, Hail, & Lightning Parameters Over a dozen Flood Parameters
Precipitation & Ice Dam Data Over 40 FEMA Flood Parameters
Crime & Police Station Parameters Over 50 Enhanced Property Data Points
Over 50 MLS Data Points  

… all at its customer’s disposal. Venture’s customers choose any number of the available data points and insert them into their Field Forms. Effectively, Venture’s Inspection Reports are 1-part physical observation and 1-part big data. All of this information can be scored and make for efficient underwriting tools.

Venture Underwriting works with a variety of customer business profiles

40% Homeowners | 30% Dwelling Fire | 30% Commercial
25% Homeowners | 25% High Value | 50% Dwelling Fire
25% Small Commercial | 25% Large Commercial Risk | 50% High Value
100% 2-unit or less Personal Lines
50% Personal Lines | 50% Commercial Lines
45% Restaurant Risks | 10% Small Commercial | 20% Landlord | 35% Homeowners
100% Commercial Lines
100% Personal Lines

Venture Underwriting Partners With a Variety of Unique Customers!

Therefore Venture Underwriting partners with several unique approaches to Inspections

  • 70% No Appointment Required | 30% Appointment Required
  • 90% Virtual Inspection | 10% Field Inspection Appointment Required Field Inspection
  • Personal Lines Policies are 100% Interior Appointment Based
  • 25% Commercial Exteriors | 75% Commercial Interior/Exterior
  • Drive By, if deferred maintenance observed, trigger Full Exterior


Venture Underwriting Adapts to Its Customer’s Unique Underwriting Rules

If Home Year Built 1980 or before, Interior/Exterior Inspection Required
If New Business, trigger Exterior Inspection | If Renewal, trigger Interior/Exterior Inspection
Add Exterior Wood Burning Furnace Supplement vs. No Exterior Wood Burning Furnace Supplement
If Home was built after 2018, Street Level Drive by Only
If dwelling 3 units or more, Interior/Exterior Inspection Required
Inspector must confirm Washer/Dryer Hose Material Type
Inspector must supply policyholder with insurance company pamphlets & documents
Narrative Commercial Report vs. No Narrative vs. Short Form Commercial vs. Guide Stream Commercial

Inspection Cascades

Venture Underwriting creates unique “Inspection Cascades” for its customers because being frugal means being economical and avoiding waste whenever necessary. Venture’s Inspection Cascades wastes neither time nor money and makes the best use of both. The savings over each year are a prerequisite of investment. Venture understands all its customers have comprehensive Loss Control budgets. Effectively, a budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went – Venture takes a budget the distance.

Personal Lines Cascades

  1. Virtual Inspection @ $X. If unsuccessful, trigger…
    Drive by Street-Level @ $X. If observes customer specified trigger items…
    Complete Full Exterior Inspection @ $X
  2. Self-Survey @ $X. If unsuccessful, trigger…
    Drive by Street-Level @ $X. If observes customer specified trigger items…
    Complete Full Exterior Inspection @ $X
  3. Virtual Inspection @ $X. If unsuccessful, trigger…
    Self-Survey @ $X. If unsuccessful, trigger…
    Drive by Street-Level @ $X. If observes customer specified trigger items…
    Complete Full Exterior Inspection @ $X


High Value Cascade

1. Virtual Inspection @ $X. If unsuccessful, trigger…
Self-Survey @ $X. If unsuccessful, trigger…
High Value Field Inspection @ $X

Schedule your consultation and receive 50 Field Inspections for $1
Schedule your consultation and receive 50 Virtual Inspections for $1
Email us at Sales@ventureunderwriting.com or info@ventureunderwriting.com

Full suite of inspection types

99.35% Quality Rate. 00.65% Rejection Rate.

No insurance company is too big or too small

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Your Independent Agency Network’s Helpful Inspection Partner

Your Independent Agency Network’s Helpful Inspection Partner

Venture Underwriting is your go-to for customer specific, InsureTech leverages, residential, commercial, high value, and specialty lines loss control. Experience 24 hours turnaround times, unmatched Quality Assurance, and Cost Effective “cascades” to underwriting reports.